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two 8-bit tunes

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I decided to create a bandcamp and upload two songs that I made in 2013.
They are pretty simple and melodic. In the second one I tried to make a "megaman" kind of song. heh


I'm not that good with famitracker, but that's my attempt. Just for fun.

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Not bad. The Rockman song has a pretty good structure to it but I think it's lacking some "oomph" in the drums, as a lot of stages in Rockman have some kind of beat that keeps you moving forward, (kinda like with your Scrawny Cig song). Keep at it.

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Hey these are pretty great!

I really liked the Rockman, it reminded me of Golden Axe in ways. It had moments of drama, excitement and straight out good rhythm the entire song. You might be on to something here.

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