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Modify .txt in archive?

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I was wondering if it's possible to modify the .txt file in your wad without deleting and re-submitting it. I was too excited and rushed it, resulting in a couple missing points and riddled with spelling mistakes.

I want to mention Zdoom does actually work without errors (for my wad), but like GZDoom various events won't work as intended. Also since it has quite a few resources from Realm667 I should of included Slade as a program used. Also I would like mention it's my first wad for some leniency on reviews.

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Bloodshedder said:

Upload your new text file, along with the ZIP file again with your WAD and updated text file in it.

Thanks Bloodshedder.

By the way, I notice you work rather constantly to keep the archive and newstuff going. If there isn't an appreciation day for you there ought to be. I, and I'm sure everyone else appreciates it.

*Edit* Uploaded to Incoming.

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