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Zulk RS

Know any free visual novels?

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It's been a while since I've played (read) a visual novel game.
So I'm looking for some good visual novels.

Can anyone recommend any free visual novels I can download and play?

The visual novel must meet the following requirements:

* The Whole game (NOT the installer) must be no larger than 500MB

* It must be free (Like I said in the title)


* (18+) games are okay as long as they aren't hentai.

* Dating sims are okay but it is not a requirement

* Must be in English

* Rom Hack Translations or fan-translations of Japanese visual novels are okay.

* Pseudo-RPGs like Mogeko Castle, The Grey Garden, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. etc. are fine. However I'm not looking for puzzle games like Witche's House, Blank Dream, Ib etc.

* It must be a finished product.

My PC:

* Runs on Windows 7 Ultimate

* Has an Intel Pentium CPU (2.13 GHz)

* Has a RAM of 2GB

* Uses a 32 Bit Operating System

* I use an ASUS Laptop. We did not buy any additional hardware like a more powerful Graphics Card etc. It uses the built in stuff.

Thank you for your recommendations.

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only free one i can think of right now is katawa shoujo, it has hentai, but you can disable it, and it doesnt really affect the plot

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I made Ling mad so he changed my post but I didn't like what he changed it too so I made it this but it should be fine because I'm not talking about what I originally talked about sorry if you're mad okay sorry

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There's a free one on Steam called Narcissu. Kind of a slightly dismal piece, but hey, isn't badly written; two terminally-ill hospital residents decide they don't want to die in hospital, or at home, so they steal a car and take a road trip.

Another one I didn't fully complete but rather liked was Brass Restoration, a slightly more cliche high-school slice-of-life thing...except the main character loses one of his arms in a train accident, and has to both come to terms with that, and rejoin the Music Club at his school.

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Who knows what country these are from and how big they are... i am just dumping some links to those that look as though they possess some quality when i encountered them.

The elevator ;

Junipers knot ;

Sage Fusion ;

Big damn hero ;

Halloween otome ;

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raymoohawk said:

only free one i can think of right now is katawa shoujo, it has hentai, but you can disable it, and it doesnt really affect the plot

I thought about Katawa Shoujo, but I'm a bit confused. Is the whole game 450MB or is that just the installer?

And when I said no hentai, I didn't mean that it can't have hentai at all. All I meant that it can't be a hentai game.

If we were discussing movies, I'd say having explicit scenes in a normal movie is okay by me but I'm not looking for a movie made entirely of explicit content.

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I'm thinking of playing Katawa Shoujo but I need to know one thing.

How big is the actual game? I know the installer is 420 MB but how much space will this need once it's fully installed? Will it still be less than 500MB?

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