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problems with custom music on SLADE

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I've been having problems with importing custom music into my wad , like my custom music goes as high as 4.00 mbs or more . Its also weird how my custom music doesn't use Doom instruments when I import it .

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I have been recently working on Doom Maps and Slade myself and came across issues I eventually fixed. I will try point out what might be your problem and the solution.

First of all, I recommend you use Audacity. It's a free audio program that not only allows you to modify sounds/music but can also import/export the files into a new format. So if your music is not ogg, midi or mp3 (it may support more formats but I don't remember) then it may not run. Audacity can export the files to these formats.

Also bare in mind that Slade doesn't always playback all formats but doesn't mean it won't work for your wad, or so it is in my case. For example, ogg does playsback and I can listen to it in Slade but mp3 doesn't playback whatsoever.

Regarding Doom instruments, if you mean turn into a MIDI style song? Neither Slade or Doom does that. I think there might be programs somewhere that might be able to do it or there are lots of MIDI artists who create MIDI versions of popular music that could create that perception.

Are you aware of how to add music to your Wad? From creating a new blank file, naming it a music file and then while selecting it import the song into it? Then of course the process of either naming it exactly like the vanilla music to manipulate Doom into believing that's the right song or creating a Dehacked / MapInfo file that will tell Doom this is the song that must be played within that particular level.

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