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What's your favorite fan created map?

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I you're talking about completely single maps (as in not part of a mega wad or episode etc) then mine would be between Cesspool for it's new texture choices and difficulty balance. Crestfallen for it's non-linear style "challenge room" game play (which is a major influence in one of the maps I have been designing) and Chord 3 as it proves how crucial monster placement is to difficult game play, not to mention it pulls off an amazing mixture of different themes. In actual fact, many Malcolm Sailor maps have played a big influence into my level design.

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The first custom map I ever played for Doom 2 was Holocus. The file I have literally has no .txt file so I have no idea who made it and if there are more like it. But I liked it, definitely one of my favorites.

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As a kid, there was this wad called ody1pcg.zip that I really liked. It came with a PC Gamer CD. I've replayed it now, tho, and it's pure crap. You run around in square rooms and shoot monsters, that's all there is to it. There's no interesting game design there at all, just pure shooting in identical rooms. But back then, I really dug it.

These days I rarely play standalone levels. But I did enjoy the Temple of the Lizardmen stuff as well as most of Steve D's stuff.

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