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9 hours ago, Tingsing said:

I would like to see a tutorial on making a large, open area (maybe a "platforming" section) inaccessible to rocket jumping, any ideas I come up with seem to have a work around to shortcut through the level or through a section.

Cover any doorway that the player might rocket jump to with a 1-unit-thick sector with the floor at the ceiling. Make that obstacle disappear when the player gets to the doorway legitimately.

I have used that trick myself. A player rocket jumps to what looks like a door, but it won't open because it isn't a door. Later, when the player uses a switch to raise stairs to the door the fake door goes away too, revealing the real door.

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I have some ideas for a potential Hexen project that I want to work on, however I have never mapped for Hexen before and don't have the patients to self-teach myself everything I need to do.


I'd like to see some tutorials from experienced Hexen mappers that deal with these integral areas:

  1. How to make maps seamlessly transition between one another with multiple entry/exit points.
  2. How to create and execute scripts.
  3. How to make actions in one map affect other maps.
  4. How to hide items/enemies in pots and corpses.
  5. How to add messages that appear on screen when triggered.
  6. How to potentially replace one map with another (think the castle in Strife).
  7. How to balance difficulty with multiple player classes in mind.
  8. How to create dart traps and other obstacles.
  9. How to effectively chain multiple actions together (as in, one trigger activates different things that cause multiple separate actions either in succession or all at once).
  10. How to effectively make polyobjects.

These are the main points I'd like to see covered; they can be in individual threads, but it'd probably be better to compile several of these into the same thread as quite a few of these items seem too trivial to warrant their own thread.


I have no experience with scripting, and in the project I'm working on I plan to avoid actual scripting unless it is absolutely necessary. Which means I mostly want to use scripts for things that affect multiple maps.


I'd greatly appreciate any tutorials that get created for Hexen, I also think it would help encourage more people to make Hexen maps as it would potentially lower the intimidation that I'd imagine many interested mappers would have.


Also, to compensate for this long and possibly excessive list of demands I will create my own tutorial for a method of Voodoo Doll Scripting I taught myself while working on the Heretic Upstart Community Project.

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