Official Tutorial Request Thread

9 hours ago, Tingsing said:

I would like to see a tutorial on making a large, open area (maybe a "platforming" section) inaccessible to rocket jumping, any ideas I come up with seem to have a work around to shortcut through the level or through a section.

Cover any doorway that the player might rocket jump to with a 1-unit-thick sector with the floor at the ceiling. Make that obstacle disappear when the player gets to the doorway legitimately.

I have used that trick myself. A player rocket jumps to what looks like a door, but it won't open because it isn't a door. Later, when the player uses a switch to raise stairs to the door the fake door goes away too, revealing the real door.

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EDIT: I totally forgot that I wrote this post and am not happy with what the excessive demands that I made here... So I'm removing what I originally posted here and apologize for the extreme stupidity the original post contained.


If you didn't see the original post it was just a list of topics my sleep-deprived brain thought should be in the tutorial section, and it was long and unnecessary. I've since learned that the zdoom wiki more or less covered that entire list.

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