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PSX / Dwango5 sound effects?

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So, there's this old thread: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/68796-plasma-rifle-replacement-sounds/

There's discussion of the possibility that the PSX sounds for the pistol, shotgun and plasma were ripped right from Dwango5, as it is somewhat older. The plasma sound being shortened (and arguably improved) seems to be the proof.

I'm sure they all came from free sound libraries anyway, but I wonder if it's possible to confirm this? It seems too unlikely that it would be a coincidence..

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The sounds in question were taken from a public sound library called The General Series 6000. The majority of the sound effects from both PC and PSX Doom were taken from that library as well as modern-day television shows, movies, and other games. Sounds like the Icon of Sin's cube spawn is still used in shows like Criminal Minds to this day!
This library came out around the 90's which explains the controversy between the Dwango5 sounds and the PSX sounds. Aubrey cropped down the sample's tail to shorten the lengths of the sound, resulting in a smaller file size.
Oh, and by no means are these free sample libraries. The first General Series 6000 costs around $1000 bucks, and that's not even including the seven expansions either!

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I still find it bizarre that some older wads use the same sounds with the same weapons that PSX doom uses long before PSX doom was released.

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