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Multi-sloped Sectors & Collapsing Ceilings

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Sectors within Sectors with collapsing Ceilings

I have decided to create a Collapsing Earthquake effect with both Camera Shaking and chunks of Ceiling falling down with different speeds for dynamic effect (Hexen Style). However the challenge is getting this to happen on Sloped Ceilings.

First of all I had to create sectors inside a sloped sector and then solve the alignment issue. In order to do so, I had to use Thing Copy_Ceiling_Plane and tag the inner sectors the same as the surrounding Sloped sector. These are tagged as 27, shown circled in Red.

And here is what it looks like in visual mode. As you can see, there are 2 separate sectors (in shaped of chunks) inside the sloped wall and aligned perfectly. You may not see the Thing Copy_Ceiling_Plane underneath it but it's there doing a good job.
However here is the issue. Since it is required to match the outer sector tag to the inner sector tags I can't tag the two chunks separately to script them falling / lowering in different speeds. They will simply lower at the exact same pace rendering my idea of small chunks dropping futile.

I'm trying to think of a solution or substitute method alas my noobness in Doom Mapping has its limits. But a part of me ponders if there is a unique way to provide a sector with more than 1 tag so it may serve multiple purposes? Or perhaps there is a script that can create random variable lowering speeds within the one tag based on scripted restrictions?

If someone could help me it would be greatly appreciated!

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Nowadays in UDMF-format ZDoom maps there is actually a way to give a sector multiple tags, but I often find it easiest and most flexible to forgo the use of Copy Slope at all, and instead set up the slopes via dummy sectors in the void, positioned parallel to the sectors in the map. Make them all the same width as the widest slope sector and make sure they're lined up with it, then merge each of your visible-in-map slope sectors with one of them. Put your plane_align linedefs on the dummy sectors rather than on the visible sectors they're linked with, so that you can have all the slopes start and end in the same place.

This way, you can easily keep various sectors' slope inclines matching up with each other perfectly, even if they're at different heights (like if you have a sloped ceiling with a sloped border at a different height).

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I never heard of such a technique, interesting. I'm guessing this is an old school method. To be honest though I find it a little confusing, as I don't really know where to begin. I can make dummy sectors for moving Poly Objects with a Anchor and all, not sure if the same Things can be used.

However a somewhat unexpected anomaly has occurred upon testing. As I scripted the ceilings to fall, despite all inner and outer sectors sharing the same tags they all don't drop at the same time. This is a wanted result, I may be able to get away without investing anymore effort haha.

Thanks for your advise effelfortium, you're a legend.

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I only recently started messing around with GZDoom, but I'd try using 3D Floors to build the ceiling.

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Sloped 3D floors only work in OpenGL renderer, though. That means ZDoom cannot display them, as well as Zandronum and GZDoom in software mode.

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