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Monsters' projectiles offset

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Is it possible to adjust the offset of monsters' projectiles on SLADE/XWE/DeHackEd ?

Here's my problem: I am making a stupid test wad where I just want to replace a Cacodemon with a friend of mine's face, but the projectile isn't aligned with its mouth, is it possible to adjust it somehow ?

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Yes, of course they can be modified in a wad editor. In SLADE3, "Offsets" field is below the sprite preview image. Change the values to set X and Y offsets.

There is also "Graphic -> Modify Gfx Offsets" feature, which can help you to quickly and automatically set offsets of multiple sprites at once.

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The feature "Graphic -> Modify Gfx Offsets" is available via context menu (right-click on the selected lumps) when you have multiple sprites selected.

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