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Gauging Interest in a Douchebag Map

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Some mappers work faster than others. I'm definitely one of the slower mappers due to my meticulous, anal-retentive nature. That's also why I don't really have a lot of maps released. But when I get an idea worth turning into vertices, linedefs and sectors, I'll take the time to do it right. I've got an idea and I want to know if it would be interesting, and not off-putting, to enough folks in the Doom community to continue with it.

So far I've got a couple complete rooms and a hallway, but it's definitely staying true to form as a bona fide douchebag map. If you're not observant enough, you will die, possibly multiple times, and be rewarded with moving on ahead to the next frustrating ball ache. The environment is the most dangerous aspect of this map and will utilize creative, interesting ways to maim or kill the player. The only monsters utilized will be done so somewhat sparingly as ambush sets, keeping in line with the environment itself being the most dangerous aspect.

This was originally intended to be an answer to the thread in General about making a purely exploratory map. But I decided to take it in a slightly different, douchebaggy direction. So far, I'm having fun making it, but it's slow going because you have to debug every trap and room as you go forward (details and architecture come later). However, if enough community members are interested in something as punishing as a map like this, I'll continue ahead with it. I believe a person should map because they want to, but if it doesn't bring any pleasure to community itself, it's ultimately a waste of time.

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I'm up for a map like that, haha. Sort of an assault course or the trap gauntlet at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!

As long as people know what to expect I don't imagine anyone will be fully against the idea, even if their pride does get a little hurt every time they get killed by a ceiling or a barrel, haha

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HOKUTO NO CATHEDRAL - the only doom wad where you play Hokuto no Ken inside French Cathedral.

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