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Hybrid Moments

Performance with different sourceports.

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Hey everyone.

I've been meaning to ask this for a long while, and it's something I could never figure out.

Ever since I started using sourceports, I have ALWAYS had way better performance with Skulltag/Zandronum. It has always ran much faster for me, flawlessly in fact. Anytime I have ever went to use GZDoom, I get pretty major stuttering, and annoying technical hiccups. In my opinion, I have a beefy enough PC as far as running sourceports is concerned, so I don't think that is the issue here.

I have tested both sourceports extensively with dozens of different WADS/MODS

I use the exact same graphical settings in both.

Skulltag/Zandro always runs flawlessly, while GZDOOM is a stutter-fest. Does anyone have any idea why this would be? This only really becomes a major problem when I go to try a new mod on the ZDoom forums and it requires GZDOOM to run, but it annoys the shit out of me regardless.

This may in fact be a stupid question, but still.

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You have failed to state the following:

  • You system specifications, notably your GPU (+VRAM) & CPU
  • The build of GZDoom you're running
  • The minimum resource conditions for these performance issues (PWADs, IWADs)
  • If you're running any "high quality" texture filters, and any other performance intensive settings

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My apologies. I could of been more specific.

-AMD A10-5700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics, quad core ~3.4GHz 8 gigs RAM. 512 vram. Actually is it the Vram? Still why would GZDOOM run like shit and Zandro run perfectly?

-Always running the latest build of GZDoom off of DRD.

-As far as IWADS/PWADS are concerned: On Zandronum, anything from vanilla doom.wad all the way through slaughter maps using Brutal Doom, (I hate Brutal Doom.) will run buttery smooth. On GZDOOM, the furthest I can go without stuttering is up to a slaughter map. If I load up a map with the amount of monsters a slaughter map usually contains, or a map that is as big as a slaughter map usually is, the stuttering begins almost right out of the gate.

-No high quality texture filters or mods, not even bi or tri-linear texture filters. I usually have it set to none in the settings menu because I like chunky Doom sprites. I do however run with all the dynamic light settings on. As I said before, I have both Zandronum and GZDOOM running the EXACT SAME SETTINGS, and Zandro is always smooth. Also I run both sourceports in hardware mode (OpenGL) As you can imagine, I've tried all manner of graphical settings in GZDOOM, and it still stutters when loading up slaughter maps and beyond.

What I always thought was that for some reason the OpenGL doesn't work properly in GZDOOM, but in Zandro it's perfect.

Hopefully I was concise enough in my explanation. Also, I don't really want anyone to go really far out of their way to try and find an answer. I just was curious as to why this would be happening.

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