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Is there a URL (direct or 304) which exists which always points to the latest available Freedoom version, or at least a page that is VERY clean (as in plain text) which points to the location where the file is located.

If not, I would request that a http://freedoom.github.io/latest.txt or similar just contain a direct URL to the ZIP as does the page http://freedoom.github.io/download.html.

In ReMooD, if a player has no IWADs (none at all) then I would have it so it downloads the latest Freedoom WAD automatically when the game starts.


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chungy said:

Cool, I didn't even know this page exists!

In Debian we have a tool called uscan which uses a debian/watch file and roughly does the following:


Download the page pointed to by the string in line 3 and search for the regular expression in line 4. The one that sorts highest is your candidate.

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