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City bulding textures, wg_tex V9

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These are some textures I created for my RSKY2 project.
They are available for use by FreeDoom.
They can be used for other projects as long as you credit the source,
(WesleyJohnson for FreeDoom, Wg_tex V9).
GPL license, or similar is acceptable to me.

They do not correspond to any existing texture in Doom.

Release Revision 9. Sept 16, 2015

These are generated from scratch, using GIMP, for FreeDoom.
- City themed walls
- Office buildings with glass.
- Solar panels, and biologically active wall panels, for the modern city
with distributed power harvesting.

These wall textures were used to generate my version of RSKY2, but
they are very distant in that view.

The link or URL you must send to the recipient(s) of your file(s) is:

The file(s) that can be retrieved with the above link is (are):

wg_tex_v9.zip (73.454 KB)

The file(s) will be available on the server for the next 10 days.

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Come to think of it, I also had some textures (some actually based on FreeDoom's assets) that were just laying around on my hard drive.

It's mostly city stuff, but I also have some generic walls, an alternative upward-sliding door/gate style and, for some reason, a lamppost.

Here's a WAD with pretty much everything:


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Note: I have not been able to interact with FreeDoom Git previously and have no reason to believe that I could deposit anything there now. If these textures are to be saved somewhere in FreeDoom, one of the people with FreeDoom access will have to do it.

I do not know what support there is for these textures
1. being in the FreeDoom wad
2. in an Additional_assets.wad
3. just stored in some repository as a separate wad
4. If a level map used some of these textures, would they get included in the FreeDoom wad automatically?

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