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Theta mod - (mod for freedoom)


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Hello, me (Protox) and Sean (know has "csnxs" in freedoom channel) are working in a heavy coded game called all out war theta, this is one of the best mod around zandronum, but because a small disarter in aow 2.1 (also the lost of the main code) we begin all ouver again, but where freedoom are on it?

Well after mounths of development us decided to remove any skulltag data from game to make it more stand alone after more mouths i decided to make the game itself standalone (free mod that need no iwad) but is a hard work and i noticed that's a bit illegal since we have doom2 data inside core, so to remove this data we need to replace it and it's where freedoom makes the piece of it.

Now i want to say us about of this project there because we want to integrate freedoom resources (but freedoom can still the same there*), if you guys like of the idea you can reply bellow, since our forum has half day old is very empty but we are adding all sort of information and stuffs.

Theta Github homepage : https://github.com/PlusGit/theta
Theta Forum: http://theta.plussean.co.uk/

* I suppose the separated data of freedoom related to theta can be handled in your forum instead, and if become usefull can be shared here.

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i dont want to push freedoom to anywhere to be, exactly is more a use of freedoom iwad in the core of game to run free of doom2 and skulltag.

Edit: Also a example, i created a map pack for heretic so it is for heretic, so i want to desing a map to freedoom so it's to freedoom (well about the theta is a heavy mod but to freedoom)

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this is the sort of thing freedoom was made for, i dont think you have to ask permission as long as you follow the licensing. so would this be the first freedoom specific mod?

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Skulltag is dead, and both it and Zandronum are not free software.

I'm sorry to be blunt, but this really doesn't belong in Freedoom for obvious reasons. Great that you're using it as a basis to build upon, that's even one of Freedoom's purposes, but Freedoom itself isn't meant to be anything more than free software alternatives to the main IWADs. Basic functionality for a basic purpose, no need for heavily scripted, modern type stuff.

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yes i edited the thing a bit more, to be more clear, i'm very "bad" with inglish and sometime i may say something of wrong, sorry guys.

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It is still under work, if some of you guys has some interest in helping us in project will be very awsome at most on texturing pack since i'm not good with it...

Some applied freedoom textures in bases to us see, maybe some of us may remenber of this crates there from old freedoom.

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Protox said:

maybe some of us may remenber of this crates there from old freedoom.

Those crates seem like they could fit nicely with this project (assuming it is still being developed that is).

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