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ProteusGM (Creative Wave Blaster 1 inspired soundfont)

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Inspired by the Creative Wave Blaster 1 daughterboard (Which had a Proteus soundset on boad) i decided to replicate that sound.

This was CERTAINLY not an easy task. I had to start over three or four times, FROM SCRATCH!

It started as a modified 8mbgm.sf2 with around 80% Proteus instruments. Later on i started over with a soundfont with 100% Proteus sounds.
Both sounded fantastic with orchestral music. However, with pop/rock music, they sounded like absolute garbage.

Clearly i wasn't quite satisfied, as both versions of my soundfont lacked any balance. After a week i finally knew how to make it sound awesome.
I used 1mbgm.sf2 (The official AWE32 soundfont) as a base, since it has some instruments that the Wave Blaster 1 also used (Guitar, drums, etc).
Then i kept adding instruments from the modules: Proteus 1: Pop/Rock, Proteus 2: Orchestral and Proteus 3: World Instruments.

I used my ears (Duh) and my passion for the Proteus sound to analyse when it was enough. I did not want to overdo it again, like before.

In the end, around 30% of the instruments are from the Proteus modules. It doesn't sound EXACTLY like the Wave Blaster, but on some compositions it's pretty darn close!

I was also happy that the soundfonts weights less than 8 MB! This way it is perfectly usable on any AWE-card (With enough RAM) for the true Proteus quality.

A few words of gratitude:

- The Vogons Commmunity; Always responsive to questions about pretty much anything ;p
- Rich Nagel (Eternal Doom Composer, musician, author of Weeds Soundfont);
This is the man. He is like a mentor to me in the world of soundsfonts. Like me, he loves the Proteus-sound. He gave me a lot of advice, even supplied samples.
This project would never even STARTED without Rich.

Enjoy this soundfont!

Danny van der Veldt (Deemster on Vogons)

Download link: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=2560AB987048B49F%211218&cid=2560AB987048B49F&group=0&parId=root&authkey=%21AKFPAIDJ6gD6dv4&action=locate

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