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DoomRLA v1.0 released

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Yholl & co have released DoomRL Arsenal v1.0, the Doom Roguelike inspired gameplay mod for ZDoom. This update includes a new class (Demolitionist), many new weapons and items (and barrels), the ability to carry multiple sets of armor, and a whole lot more. The DoomRLA Monsters pack has also been updated to B6.0. Check out the full changelog and download over at the ZDoom forums.

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Well they have some mirrors up now and I have to say I'm enjoying it. I've found nowhere near the number of weapons or enemies in it, nor the permutations of the weapons that you can create, but it's fun. I decided on a larf to use oblige to create a random set of levels which seems to be going in the theme of a rogue-like and it's been fun. I managed to create the stealth battle-rifle which works well. Ran up against a revenant/undead warrior that I couldn't kill til I found a rocket launcher. But it's fun if you're bored of playing Vanilla Doom, and I can myself spending way too much time on it with various megawads.

I still don't quite get the armor system, I'll have to do more reading on that. It seems like once I get a set of armor and equip it I can't drop it and equip new armor. But I'm probably missing something. As it is though, it's a fun change of pace. Just make sure you grab the new ZDOOM SVN's.

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