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CFG generator for the online Zdoom-based ports?

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I see it all the time - Zandronum, Odamex or Zdaemon users feel like tiptoeing into a new port, but simply can't get them to feel the same (or even close at all) to one another without so much trial and error as to almost not be worth it.

I had the idea of a CFG generator for all 3 online ports. One where you can set your inputs, mouse settings, preferred resolution, even stuff like name and player color and have it spit out 3 different files so you can get to Dooming without the headache of working out all the many, many subtle difference between each ports UI and often different terminology representing the same thing.

Naturally you'll have some minor differences (Oda being vanilla physics and Zandro/ZD being zdoom physics) but generally speaking such a program would be highly useful for the online community.

What would need to be done is to work out benchmarks for everything such as mouse sensitivity - (For example, working out if a sensitivity of 7 in Odamex is the same as a 10 in Zdaemon is the same as 13 in Zandronum, etc etc.)

This would take a little work but seems far from impossible and would probably encourage more cross-port Dooming and, more importantly, remove the aforementioned headache of hours of trial and error before all your Doom ports control almost the same.

Just an idea I really want to put out there - I'm getting into a programming course soon here, and may be able to do it myself in time, but if someone beats me to the punch I'd be damn happy.

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Odamex can "import" a ZDaemon or Zandronum config file, IIRC. It'll get at least the mouse settings right.

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