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System Shock: Enhanced Edition Released on GOG

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Marnetmar said:

No it's not, where the fuck do people keep getting this idea?

Maybe from reading stuff like this:

Does this version basically include all of the improvements from SSP and what Malba Tahan has done, then?
The only thing lacking would be a sync of the spoken and written text?

voodoo47 said:

yes, with the exception of the true2audio mod, GOG EE is the ultimate SS1 edition, with all the improvements that have been available so far and some more that are new and exclusive. it should be more stable, faster and smoother than anything that has been available up to this point.

Kolya said:

SSP included a few other things, but nothing you're going to miss much, I think. (original setup files, CPU brake for the endboss fight, true to speech mod, scaled up object textures mod, infos)
One weird thing is that the Enhanced Edition is apparently missing the German and French language files, which I had once outsourced into separate archives for SSP because of download size. That shouldn't matter on GOG and indeed I hear that these files are included in the "Classic" version available on GOG.

Looks obvious that the Enhanced Edition is based on SSP. They've done more work on it and cut off some addons, but if it was not based on SSP there wouldn't be such oddities as forgetting the French and German language files.

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I haven't played the portable version, so moislook and custard controls is enough of a draw for me. Bought.

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If you go straight from System Shock 2 to the first Bioshock it's pretty clear:

The Camera and turrent AI, in universe respawining, hacking minigames, audiologs, weapon modifications, the code 0451 and a disappointing third act :p

I guess a lot of this stuff is taken for granted nowadays but in 2007 Bioshock brought it all back.

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