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gusareva.wad - My second map

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People I made a new map. It is small, has three rooms, plus a secret one, have 4 monsters in Hard, 3 in Medium and 2 in Easy, also have some Boom mechanics I have been testing like floor moving and such.
The WAD was designed for GZDoom. It replaces the Underhalls and is a test of my skills. Click "WAD" to the left to download it.
A known bug is when the floor of the sergeant zombies raise, they leave a sky wall.
Works in (G)ZDoom and Zandronum.

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A very simple map, but good as a learning experience.

1. flip the linedef, otherwise the player cannot leave the exit room
2. the line special is not needed at the small linedefs
3. delete the line special, otherwise all sectors with ID 0 collapse onto the player
4. as those sectors move up the sky is displayed, which causes HOMs as the player approaches
5. texture misalignments are easy to fix using DB2 or GZDB
6. unpeg lower the doortracks to stop them from moving when the door moves

Keep up the good work. :)

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Okay, this is a learning experience for you, but if you don't read previous comments and do not act upon them,
then, there is very little incentive for me to help you any further.

Case in point, door sectors.
The first sidedef must point towards the player, in order to be able to open a door. An alternative would be a script using

if ( lineside() == LINE_BACK ) 
      // stuff here, like Open_Door
It is very offputting to be stuck in a small sector.

Case in point, alignment of textures
This is a prerequisite for constructing maps. Misaligned textures usually mean that the mapper cares very little about what
s/he is doing. However, you must be given some slack since you are just starting to create maps.

I mentioned scripting, which in the context of your maps does not apply, since your maps are in BOOM:Doom2 (Doom2 format).
To convert to GZDoom:Doom2 (Hexen format) use Map Options (F2) in GZDoom Builder.

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Gustavo6046 said:

I use Blender, it is better, it is easier. I didn't found a auto-align tool in it, however.

Now this confuses me, I thought Blender was for the creation of 3D objects?

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Gustavo6046 said:

I use Blender, it is better, it is easier.

Better and easier than what?

also what

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