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User registration of businesses showing up on Doomworld

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"Welcome to our newest member, LATaxAudit"

I looked at the profile and it's definitely geared towards advertising their business. What's the point of a Los Angeles tax audit service have on a Doom forum? Unless the person registering it legitimately does have an interest in the games, this seems a bit fishy.

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Maybe he ported his tax filing/audit software to Boom scrollers, voodoo dolls, with a flat based graphics device running an emulated Linux MIPS machine.

But since he was banned, we shall never know!!1

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The profile did have a Twitter account and a website link on it for those who didn't see it.

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Pure Hellspawn said:

not sure if that's 100%. do spambots fill in the optional occupation and interests fields while leaving others blank?

They can if they are built for vBulletin.

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I wish there was some of those "male enhancememt/enlargement" spamming bots around here to improve my less-than-stellar size.

I am disappoint.

...and so is she.

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Doominator2 said:

I bet he was here to sue Linguica but was banned before he could even start the lawsuit.

He might have actually been here to help Freedoom's developers get tax breaks?

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