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El Niño - AKA Happy Birthday General Rainbow Bacon!

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[No screenshots, considering the map isn't terribly picturesque]

Map name: El Niño
Time: 4 hours
IWAD: Plutonia

Happy birthday man, hopefully this adds a bit of extra sparkle to your day. ;-)

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Map name: La Niña
Time: 5.5 hours
IWAD: Plutonia
CL: 9, generalised linedefs.

I was inspired by El Niño to create a coastal coves style map with a similar idea, which is a nice pairing.


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Vanilla, Boom, ZDoom, or what's the compatibility of both maps?

Keep in mind what had been said in General Rainbow Bacon's own thread:

Keyboard_Doomer said:

I really don't like being negative in a thread with a cool WAD but...

Aargh, when will mappers finally learn to specify the -complevel required, especially if they mention FDAs?

And it's not like I'm bitching about something rare, seems like a large part of experienced mappers somehow have absolutely no idea there is a way to play Doom other than the source port they use.

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