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'def_head' spawning parameter

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Its me again. I'm pretty sure MOST of you have heard or known about the 'def_head' spawning parameter which you enter in the console or which you configure when you make a custom NPC or something.

Example: spawn human_marine_machinegun_follower def_head "head_security_helmet" npc_name "J. Yezback"

Now my question is, does anyone have a complete list or a list of heads other than the one I provided in the example?

I'm pretty sure that the 'head_security_helmet' one with a helmet, visor and mask used by MARSEC security guards.

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Tetzlaff said:

Did you take a look at heads.def in pak000.pk4/def/?

Awesome! Thanks man, I didn't notice this file while browsing the PK4s.

For those who are looking for a list of heads, here is a few from what I got off the file:
head_old - Old guy with balding, wears glasses.
head_bald - Bald guy.
head_black - Black guy.
head_young - Young guy.
head_pretty_old - Older version of 'head_young', has grey hair.
head_asian_old - Old asian guy.
head_asian_young - Young asian guy.
head_surgeon - Surgeon guy, as seen in Mars City at the Infirmary or on ragdolls.
head_marine_helmet - Used by Marines.
head_security_helmet - Used by MARSEC guards armed with machineguns or shields.
head_security_dhelmet - Bloodied version of 'head_secutiy_helmet', used by ZSECs armed with machineguns or shields.
head_security_goggles - Used by MARSEC guards armed with shotguns or pistols.
head_sarge - Sergeant Kelly, somehow appears as a /black box/ but I will try to fix it soon.
head_swann - Counselor Swann.
head_betruger - Doctor Betruger.
head_campbell - Jack Campbell.
head_player - The player (obviously).
head_zombie1 - Skinny zombie, has minor blood from its mouth.
head_zombie2 - No jaw zombie.
head_zombie3 - Bloodied mouth zombie.
head_zombie4 - Burnt-off face zombie.
head_zombie5 - Zombified version of 'head_security_goggles', used by ZSECs armed with shotguns.
head_zombie6 - ZSEC pistol zombie.
head_stump - Headless, as seen on some ragdolls and zombies.
head_skull - Bloodied skull, as seen on some ragdolls.
head_bloodybald - Bald guy with bloodied eyes, as seen on some ragdolls and zombies.

These require the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack to work!
headXP_1 - Middle-aged guy, has a balding.
headXP_2 - Unknown, spawns a black box.
headXP_helmet - Used by the Marines at the Erebus Labs.

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