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WhackEd4 1.1.0 beta

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Highlights this release:
- Support a number of extended ZDaemon Dehacked features.
- State action parameter support for those actions that support it.
- The ability to change the rotation in a sprite preview.
- A bunch of fixes and small improvements throughout.

A lot of things have changed internally, so this will exist as a beta release for now which means it liekly contains bugs and other issues. Please report any bugs you find here or in the GitHub issues list. Any other kinds of suggestions are of course also welcome!

Setup executable: https://github.com/GitExl/WhackEd4/releases/download/v1.1.0-beta/whacked4-setup-1.1.0-beta.exe
Standalone 7zip archive: https://github.com/GitExl/WhackEd4/releases/download/v1.1.0-beta/whacked4-1.1.0-beta.7z

Full changelog:
- Added: the ability to change the rotation in a sprite preview by dragging the mouse over it with the left button held down.
- Added: a number of new state, thing, weapon and miscellaneous options for advanced ZDaemon\ZDoom support.
- Added: better defined state action parameter support, including support for arguments.
- Added: a new miscellaneous editor UI that supports an arbitrary number of options. Double click items to quickly edit them.
- Added: clicking an active editor window toolbar button will bring it to the front if it is not already, otherwise it will close it.
- Added: closing dialogs is now possible with the ESC and a window close button.
- Added: a ZDaemon engine configuration file supporting some of ZDaemon's Dehacked extensions.
- Fixed: sound numbering and sound assignment used sound 1 as the dummy sound erroneously.
- Fixed: missing ampersands in thing flags.
- Fixed: thing names not being updated in the state filter list when a thing is renamed.
- Fixed: misspelling of ReFire and BFGSound actions.
- Fixed: monster infighting flag used the wrong value when enabled.
- Fixed: loading a patch through explorer no longer causes a crash on startup.
- Changed: removed the MBF Beta configuration. The regular MBF configuration now also contains the beta functionality.
- Changed: editing action parameters is now made easier by only displaying parameters for actions that support them, complete with name labels and descriptions in tooltips.
- Changed: thing list indices start at 1 to make using state actions like MBF's Spawn easier.
- Changed: some control and window sizes have been altered to better fit with larger fonts.
- Changed: the string editor window will focus on the text to edit when activated, so the user can often begin typing immediately.
- Changed: reduced flickering when resizing editor windows.
- Changed: tab traversal between controls is now possible in most cases.

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