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[vanilla] All linedefs with alternate uses

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Linedef types usually primarily do the one thing they are described to do. However, bugs in Doom's engine allow for nifty tricks such as transferring sector effects and instantly raising/lowering ceilings/floors.

Does anyone have a reference that describes exactly what else each linedef can do besides what it is used for in the Doom IWADs?

i.e. Linedef type 9 Floor Raise Donut can be used to transfer the sector effect of the surrounding floor with the donut sector.

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But including the use of dummy sectors too? For example with action 5 foor raise to lowest ceiling, and merging the desired sector with one near a sector with the celing height at the ground you can have an instant-lowering sector.

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UDS section 4.3.2. Read it carefully, looking for loopholes such as the following:

* Actions that change sector types work on all sector types except lighting and time-delay doors, not just damage.
* In vanilla Doom (but not Boom), floors can be raised above the ceiling, and ceilings lowered below the floor. This can be useful for control sectors.
* Control sectors aren't just for moving floors. They're also surprisingly useful for doors. An adjacent ceiling exactly 4 units above the door's floor height will prevent it from opening, allowing doors to be locked or unlocked by ceiling actions. (But note that non-repeatable door actions will become permanently unusable if the door fails to open on the first attempt, so don't let that happen.)
* Tags 666 and 667 can be applied to control sectors to produce novel boss actions.

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