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ACS repeat until player has leaved sector

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I made the following script:

#include "zcommon.acs"

var bool bSWPRSD

script 1 OPEN {
    bSWPRSD = true;

script 2 OPEN {
    if (bSWPRSD==true) {
        Print(s:"Gravity lift activated.")
        until () {
        Print(s:"Gravity lift finished.")
The until() in script 2 should execute until player is not anymore in sector of tag 4.

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Use one of these things in the sector in question, give it for special to run a script that'll set bSWPRSD to false, change your until to until (bSWPRSD == false).

Note that in UDMF you can set a sector's gravity directly, which can be a more elegant solution than using a script to change the entire map's gravity while the player is in a sector.

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