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How to restore a folder I lost my doom files [fixed]

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EDIT : you can leave now i was able to find my DOOM CD


I had shitloads of wads (including doom2.wad doom.wad tnt.wad etc)

I need to get those back help me :(

Windows 8.1

BTW what happened is i downloaded slade, opened a file. converted a wav file into doom format entry failed, check console.log

after i tried to go edit my map with doom builder

no file called rikiadventure.wad

what help!!!!!!!!!!1

There was nothing when it happened, i got those back luckily by doing a system restorre.

What i did

Open slade3 (non-administrator mode, nothing opened)

Choosed my DOOM folder riki2321/escritorio (desktop)/mis archivos personales/doom

open to rikiadventure.wad

import sound SDOOF.wav

make sound doom format

message opened saying
Failed to convert some entries, Check console.log

I went to see what happened


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