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[RELEASE] Doom Ultimate Laser Arena (DULA) v_ 0.2

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DULA, an amazing new deathmatch mod created by Seidolon and Nickthestud, is now here. This is a new chapter in the world of Doom PvP. This mod lets you summon companions to fight with you on your mission to murder your best friend. You have access to new powerups and weapons. Your health system has been transformed to a quickly regenerating one. With several intense soundtracks that vary depending on the level, the urge to win is unbearable. Download this action-packed experience as soon as possible and jump into the fray!

Anyways, to clear things up, this mod is a deathmatch mod made with gzdoom, however if you want to be Mr. Badass and try this out on other ports, be my guest. This mod has had a few changes since it was last tested out in DM mode, so let us know of any errors you find. This mod might be a bit unstable at first due to lack of proper testing, but it will even out over time, so don't lose hope if it's awkward and buggy. We also have a lot less maps than we would have hoped due to the fact that most of the way through the development, we had a complete change in playstyle and the previous maps just wouldn't work. So if you're a semi-experienced mapper and would like to contribute to this project, message me about that. If you run this mod in single, you'll have to use a warp cheat to get to MAP02 - MAP04, but you'll face off against bots that kinda suck right now, but hey, it's better than crying in a corner with nobody to kill. Not much else to say. If I have more to add (which I usually do), I'll add it to the bottom of this post. Download it now to start the carnage.

-----OTHER STUFF-----------------

MAP01 - Seidolon
MAP02 - Seidolon
MAP03 - Nickthestud
MAP04 - Seidolon

CREDITS: *Currently undergoing thorough research, aka: I'm lazy and will do it eventually.*



MAP01 - Evil Crypt (Pretty much all of it on one screen):

MAP02 - The Tunnels:

MAP03 - Missile Facility:

MAP04 - Icy Base (Again, all in one screenshot):


Version 0.2:
-Gave MAP03 a major makeover
-Fixed respawn issues with powerups and weapons in singleplayer
-Fixed player respawning in singleplayer
-Slight increase in player running speed
-Added more recoil to the weapons
-More minor stuff I might have forgotten to mention

Discovered Bugs

-Game occasionally crashes when bots fire or pickup bomb spheres
-Zandronum edition screws up some of the wall decals
-When picking up bomb spheres, two people might end up getting one if they are both next to the sphere when picked up
-Laser sparks are offset slightly from the actual laser
-Shooting water with the laser assault rifle will create WAY too many splashes and lag the game out for about a second
-Probably a lot more, but I'll add them as I remember them

Get it for:
Zandronum - DULA-ZAND.zip
GZDoom - DULA-GZ.zip

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Yeah, that was a bit of an issue while testing with lag, but it has been toned down a bit. I'm planning to make the sparsity a modifiable cvar.

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1 laser actor per 32 map units should be good enough for a MINIMUM density value, because that's the diameter of the player. Or maybe even slightly more than 32 units, for example 40 or 48.

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Updated. You can now modify the sparsity of the railgun lasers in the menu to fit your computer's capability. It will minimize lag and improve gameplay a lot.

Anybody wanna leave feedback about the actual mod? So far, I've just gotten criticism on what's in the screenshots. You need to download the damn mod to get the full experience.

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