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Lantern Bridge

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A major update to Monsters, Monsters, Monsters!

The new version of the resource wad (M27) is here:

The newest version of the texture pack (T20) is here:

Here's a short level showcasing a lot of the new stuff:

Note that with both M27 and T20 wad, there are a few monsters and textures from realm667, and some textures from TNT and Plutonia. Their creators and build information are credited in the Decorate files, and the realm667 monsters are put in their own "realm667" monsters category. When I reach the stage that I "finalize" these wads, the content will be fully organized. As for now, they are still in test stages, so please forgive the disorganization. :p

Anyways, I await comments on the new sprites and levels. The aforementioned lanterns are sprites that I drew entirely from scratch, though their projectiles are modified Archvile fires. Be warned that Ultra-Violence is insanely difficult, so you may want to familiarize yourselves with the new content on easier modes first. Have fun!

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Good to hear from you again, Obake!

I remember those damned lanterns from the Father's Day map you made, so needless to say this intrigues me. I got a few minutes before I sleep that I can put into this.

Haha omfg that map was evil. What a fun map!

I should say a couple things for others real quick:
1) ZDoom or better
2) If jumping wasn't needed, I couldn't figure it out. I had to jump to complete this level.
3) The ending was epic!

For Obake:


First off, hey, I found something!

lol ;p

But on a more serious note, that map was tough and messed with my expectations in a way that few maps do, and in ways that I love to mess with other people's heads, haha. The ever increasing monster count threw me off pretty good and that last boss is something that I've been wanting to do for a long time. Not as good as you did, but the general concept. Enemies cubed, hahaha. I like the twist on it where he broke down into a couple smalls, then those broke down into even more tinies. The lanterns were really cool looking, you did a great job on them as well. Really everything was well done. The turrets were cool, and I think they didn't count as monsters, because I killed one and I don't remember the kill count going up, but that was cool because I was relying on that kill count at that point. I also really liked the little action figures, as well as the creepy bell sounds the bulls would make (and maybe the lanterns too?). The little mushrooms confused me and that one turret with the constant-fire was nasty. Never mind those damned candle/lanterns.

This map looked fantastic, the new enemies fit right in, and I really liked the way they were placed. Health was scarce as the Hell this map portrays, but ammo wasn't too bad. Definitely can't waste too many shots; I had to run past somethings to reach the chainsaw and strangely enough berserk pack that was right next to it. That's about the only thing that could change, but I understand why neither one would appear in the map earlier. Also, the map's view in DB with floor textures on looks really cool. Like a little globe ^^ (I looked to see if I was mistaken about the jumping, now I'm pretty sure I wasn't)

I'm definitely gonna give this a review over at Doom Wad Station!

It gets a 9/10

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This was really weird.

The candle monsters are interesting, it's a bit of a disappointment that most others are stock monsters with recolors and rescaling.

I've gotten some infighting between the small pinky demons that split up from a slain purple demon. As soon as they spawned they hurt one another, so they just went up into the sky as they lostsoul charged each other; and I can't tell if that's a bug or a feature.

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There's no words to describe how elated I am right now. Thanks for the reviews! I'm glad the new monsters are receiving such a good response.

The lanterns are definitely a standout. Thanks for the compliments on the ending, Fonze. That was a part I was worried a lot about, making sure it was surprising and difficult without being unfair. I didn't know if the boss was placed well, either, but it sounds like both you and Gez enjoyed it.

I'm looking forward to making more custom content!

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