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Ultimate Doom Community PS4

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So PS4 just got a cool update including the option to create and join player communities. So naturally I made a community called 'Ultimate Doom Community' if anyone would be interested in joining it. It's for all things Doom related in hopes of bringing a decent chunk of us from here and everywhere else to PSN for the upcoming Doom and SnapMappers-To-Be. I was going to name it 'DoomWorld', but felt that would be stepping on some toes so I refrained.

Let me know if you have a PS4 and are interested in making something happen with the PS4 community. Not sure what the future holds for the 'communities' on PS4 yet, but hopefully something cool will come from it.


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Hey man, I also made a community for a different game and just thought I should let you know people can't find your community unless they pre-order the game (that option isn't available yet for Doom on PSN) or they get invited to it. I'm definitely up for joining the group, toss me an invite some time. My name is "Awesome-O_789" on PSN.

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I was wondering how that worked. I'll def send you an invite in a few minutes.

Anyone else who may be interested let me know. It would be awesome to have a big group started before Doom is released! Thanks

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