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Mac *.MID! extension?

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I downloaded Hell Drop from /idgames and it features a soundtrack in the form of some Macintosh *.MID! files. Is it possible to listen to it on Windows?

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Based on the "MooV" and "mdat" signatures inside the file, it looks like it's some sort of QuickTime format. There were QuickTime players for Windows IIRC.

Note that you'll need an old version of the QuickTime player, since apparently they removed MIDI support after version 7.

I don't see MThd or Mtrk strings in these files, so it's not a normal MIDI file embedded in a Mac container -- extracting the MIDI data would require some sort of conversion, and who knows if it's documented anywhere.

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Yeah it certainly isn't standard MIDI format.

A quick hexdump of the files: looks like each midi event has been unpacked into 32-bit words -- so it may be fairly straightforward to write a converter to standard MIDI.

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