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Fluidsnyth Isn't Working For PrBoom+

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So yea, I just wanted to see If anyone was having the same problem too. But Fluidsnyth Isn't working for PrBoom+ for some reason, do I just delete the previous versions of PrBoom+ or do I have to fiddle with the config a bit?

Help would be appreciated.

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It's correctly written Fluidsynth, as in synthesis, not snyth.

I can't help you with the problem, but an important info probably is: What's your operating system? And is there "libfluidsynth.dll" in your PrBoom-plus folder?

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And is there a soundfont file (.sf2 extension) in the same folder and is it selected for the "snd_soundfont" key in prboom-plus.cfg?

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My operating system Is Windows 7 Home Premium, and I do have "libfluidsynth.dll", and my PrBoom supports Fluidsnyth.

I may need to check for the .sf2 though, I'll see If that fixes the Issue.

EDIT: Okay, I do have a .sf2 file, but Is It suppose to be Fluidsnyth? Because I have a "TimGM6mb.sf2" In the configuration file.

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BlackFish said:

Fluidsynth never quite worked out for me. Have you tried Coolsoft VirtualMidiSynth?

Huh, never heard of that. Although, Fluidsynth made some DOOM II songs sound like they were straight from the Roland SC-55, specially The Dave D. Taylor Blues and Into Sandy's City. But I'll give that a try.

EDIT: Just got the program and I'm using Patch93's Roland SC-55 Sound Font. And... Wow, It's perfect. Thanks for the suggestion!

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