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Post all Doom articles here

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For the sake of convenience, let's post all articles from news publications about Doom in this thread.


Here is, what I think, is the most interesting piece of info from the article.

If anything slows modern shooters down, it’s probably all the extra components that have been tacked on over the years. Crafting systems, collectibles, and roleplaying elements such as those complicated skill trees that lead to long moments agonising over where to spend XP. While unwilling to discuss the specifics, Stratton confirmed that Doom will include some RPG elements, but he sees them working differently than they do in other shooters.

“We’re not doing a massive amount of skill-tree-ish type things. That doesn’t feel like really what Doom is. But certainly, making your guns cooler and more powerful or more functional based on the enemies you’re fighting, and making your character more functional and effective, is a big part of what we’re doing.”

He also insists these upgrades won’t just be tied to the weapon mods shown in the trailer, and won’t be the kind of incremental stat boosts common among other shooters. “We make them meaningful. It’s kind of a philosophy of our design team that if I’m gonna give you something, I’m gonna make it feel like I really gave you something, as opposed to these little niggly things that just kind of feel like you have to grind for.” To demonstrate, he rocks back in his chair as if something incredible has just appeared in his hands. “Whoah! I got this badass new capability!”

The weapon mods, he says, are good example of what he’s talking about. “They’re really effective, and you can upgrade them, and you can upgrade them in pretty effective ways, and make yourself a pretty good badass by the end of the game.”

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I've been really clamoring for some kind of weapon upgrade system that doesn't get in the way of the action and it looks like id is delivering on that front. I'm quite pleased that Stratton recognizes how subtle it needs to be.

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This all sounds cool, but I'm not going to just assume this stuff is free. As long as this stuff isn't behind a paywall... then I'm interested.

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The upgrade thing is interesting. I wonder if it will be closer to Zelda/Rage, where if you decided to do certain things you would get an unlock like a new ammo type or a new weapon, or if you will always get the same upgrade/unlock in the same area.
Or maybe even something like if you find a locked cabinet ala Doom 3 and you get the unlock code, the cabinet might have one of the weapon mods inside it.

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