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Cruis'n Velocity TC?

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Haha, I'm betting there's no reason to think this is already out there somewhere. But I found out a while back that the GBA had a Doom engine game called Dark Arena, and so I went looking for things like TCs/WADs for it. I found some things. But now I've just looked up Dark Arena again and found out that a racing game was also made for the GBA on the same engine! It's called Cruis'n Velocity (for those who didn't guess from the posting title).

Cruis'n Velocity looks like a fairly awful game, but it could also be a way to put cars in Doom. I'm aware that people have already done that, but, I don't know...there's something about ripping resources from other games that seems extra cool to me in a subversive sort of way.

Oh, and I don't know if it's some kind of homage, but if you watch far enough into the video, there's a Mars track! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gramh6Q9UU

Anybody think it would be worth their time to mess around with this?

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i kinda remember a car game using the ACS scripts in Action Doom and another wad called "arcade room" or something like that...

Also there's another wad for zdoom where you making manslaughter driving inside this car, but i don't remember the name of that mod...

Of standalone games there's quite a lot using this concept, i remember to have played a shareware game back in the 90s where you drive go karts with a Doom Engine clone (no, it's not Wacky Wheels!)...

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Years and years ago, somebody was planning on making a Doom wad loosely based on Death Race 2000. You played as the champion death racer, but after the hell invasion, you had to race across the USA to blow up a power plant (or something), and there appears to have been plans for both driving and on-foot levels. The guy had made some pretty cool sprites, too (zombieman on a motorbike!).
But I can't even remember the name, let alone anything else.

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