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Eternity portals going berserk [Nevermind, solved]

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I've been attempting to overhaul some really old maps and have been running into problems with rendering. This seemed to happen a few hours ago, but I haven't significantly altered the portals I set up when this happened.

[link deleted]

Note that the player character in my mod is smaller and slower, so you won't be seeing these levels correctly in regular Eternity. I'm also not including most of the content, only the maps are included.

I'm wondering if I should just start from scratch, especially given how ugly the detail is and how much of a pain it is to fill out all the blank upper/lower textures.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticism?

EDIT: I switched nodebuilders and changed the anchor lines, and suddenly all is fine again with no other changes. This stuff is too finicky.

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Perhaps you could try switching nodebuilders and change the anchor lines.

For reference, which node builder were you using and which one are you using now?

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