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Merging PK3's Using Slade?

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My apologies if I come across as a scrublord, as I am new to these forums.

I am attempting to combine several PK3's (specifically, Brutal Doom v20, a custom HUD, and CacoDemon's Texture Pack) into one PK3, so as to create an overall "improved Doom experience", so to speak, so as to make it so that people don't have to individually install the PK3's.

I created a new PK3, copied and pasted (in this order) Brutal Doom, Cacodemon's Texture Pack, The UDV HUD visor main file, The UDV HUD visor Brutal Doom patch, and The UDV HUD visor low res patch. Before doing this, I tested them all in Zdoom in correlation with each other, and in that order, and they worked perfectly.

However, after combining all of the PK3's together, I booted the new PK3 up, and Zdoom failed to start.

I got countless "Parent Type" and "replace type" errors regarding various items and graphics, as well this final error:

Execution could not continue.

Script error, "The Ultimate Doom Experience.pk3:decorate.purist.txt" line 11:
Unexpected 'Classic' in definition of 'Purist'

What I'm wondering is: what is the exact process to successfully combine multiple PK3's into a single PK3 using Slade? Or do I need a program different than Slade?

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It would probably be best to keep them as single PK3s rather than a merged one, because any updates to either of them can be used immedietly rather than requiring an update of your PK3.

PK3s are just ZIP files, you will also have to merge specific individual files rather than just replacing them flat out. Each type of entry would be specific on how it is to be merged.

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GhostlyDeath said:

PK3s are just ZIP files

Right. And just to make it clear for everybody: If you zip some files, folders, wads and/or pk3s together, and rename the .zip file to .pk3, congratulations, you have a .pk3 of them! Using SLADE3 to edit their content can be advantageous in some cases, using plain file explorer can be advantageous in other cases.

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