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How do I add custom weapons in SLADE?

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I've tried to do this before, and it works, I used the same process for adding custom NPCs, I just dragged the files in and made sure it wasn't in the middle of another group of files. When I placed the weapon in game, the player can pick it up, but they can't change weapons, and if they pick up another weapon, they can suddenly change weapons again, but they cannot switch to the custom weapon. I know I can't be installing the weapons correctly, so how should I do it?

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Properly assign a Weapon slot to each weapon. The preferable way to do it (among other ways) is editing their DECORATE and setting "Weapon.SlotNumber" to the intended slot number of each weapon. Some custom weapons already have it defined, some not.

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It's generally more useful to mention the port than the editor, for this kind of question. After all, you can very well use SLADE to make custom weapons for 3DGE!

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for me in the DECORATE there is no "weapon.slotnumber"

1. Make sure that your version of ZDoom (or GZDoom or Zandronum, whichever you're using) is up to date.
2. Post the whole code of your weapon.

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