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How to change an enemy's health?

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I want to make the spider mastermind have a lot of health (multiplied by 5 or 10)
What is a way? No way for scripting? Or i need to do advanced shit (Slade3 XWE)

OFF TOPIC : Also i'm back from a break from the forums. Some user said that i need to take breaks from making shitty wads. I'm serious now

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If you're making a wad compatible with ZDoom-based ports only, use DECORATE to define a new monster type derived from another monster type and change its health. DECORATE lump is plain text based and it should be placed into your wad via wad content editor (=SLADE3 or XWE, but seriously, don't use XWE).

If you want universal compatibility, you can easily change a specific monster's health via a DEHACKED patch. To create one, preferably use an editor like WhackEd. Then again, put the patch into your wad via wad content editor, and the lump should be named "DEHACKED".

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