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Editing marine texture

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Hi to all, this is my first post in this marvellous forum that I've just discovered. May anyone tell me step by step how to change marine texture in doom 2 (and of course the editors I need to download)?
Thank you in advance.

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"Marine texture" doesn't make sense - you're probably talking either about "player sprites", or "player skin". I make the distinction because player sprites, for the purposes of making your own (playable) wad with sprite replacements, can be replaced via a wad-content editor like any other sprites (monster, decoration...). Player skin, however, usually refers to a downloadable (optional) addon in .wad form, which allows you (as a player) to look differently to other players in multiplayer, and can be easily interchangable during runtime of the game by the player himself (although I'm unsure how it works in particular ports). So, which one do you want?

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The sprites for the player characters are named PLAY*. I'd recommend getting SLADE 3 and looking at doom2.wad's content first, to get a feel for how Doom's resources are organized. Doom is an old game and uses sprites for its characters, so you cannot change just one model and a couple textures, you have to edit all the separate graphics.

Sprites, in particular, must obey a specific naming convention. You can use the existing player sprites as a model.

When you have your replacement sprites ready, create a new WAD in SLADE 3 and import your sprites in. You will need to create "marker lumps" named S_START and S_END, and put the sprites in-between. You'll also have to convert the sprites to the Doom graphic format (SLADE 3 can do it) and make sure they have valid offsets (otherwise they will be drawn below the ground...).

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