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Valiant error message upon loading

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I now have the latest version of Zdoom installed and I get the following error message: Could not set mixing format. Defaults will be used. (Error 37)

The wad appears to load fine. I would have deleted this thread but I can't. So I figured I'd mention the error message to make this thread only 90% useless (as opposed to 100%).

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The error message is related to FMOD (sound) initialization. Not a problem of Valiant, more like your system. I know that some ports have sound related issues when running a wad from a different directory than the port's own directory, this might or might not be relevant here.

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If you got a development build it's possible that it was compiled with a different version of FMOD, so in that case make sure to overwrite the fmodex.dll with the one provided with the dev build.

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