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Doom 3 Files has seen its Last

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And by extension of the once legendary hosting site, the other Filefront sites, including Doom 3 Files, has seen its last. I didn't see a thread on this before, so here we go.

Apparently the files are on a database (Or at least JK2/3 related ones), and its possible only the popular mods will stay and can be found on some other site or directory. Currently, you can only access the site through WayBack Machine. As this announcement was made in July, I don't know if the files are still up, or how long they will last before the majority are removed.

I mentioned earlier how Massassi.net was meeting its end. The old reaches of video game sites of the past are being eliminated. Disposable forums that only last a few months/years before the next sequel is out will be the future.

It's sad to see it all go, and really the end of the JK2/3 era is sad for me regardless, and this just sort of tidies up that era for good. Sucks for Doom 3 too, but it seems the big D3 mods still reside on ModDB

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I thought Gamefront didn't update, which means that anything that was submitted to (X)Files.com within the past five or so years didn't end up on Gamefront. I could be wrong, though. Either way, I also thought Gamefront was bought by the same people who bought Filefront, and will more or less clear out the files anyways, if I read that article right.

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Well, each file you upload on Filefront or Moddb is directly uploaded to gamefront instead, That's great, at least untill Gamefront owners decide to take their site down, who knows ...

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J.B.R said:

Gamefront sucks, Moddb is much better, if ya have any Doom 3 mods and stuff from Gamefront, upload 'em to Moddb.

Did you even know that ModDB uses Gamefront for some of its download links?

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I believe I put this site on the watchlist almost a month ago but my concerns about it were dismissed with "use adblock."

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