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DoomBuilder(s) feature request - zoomed texture browsing

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Don't know where else to request a (GZ/)DoomBuilder feature - so here goes:
When browsing large texture sets and trying to fit pixel-perfect texture alignments to particular textures it can be a real pain to tell the miniscule features of textures apart, what with only a small icon being available to view each texture. A "texture zoom" feature would be really helpful, while mapping textures to linedefs. As it is, we have to paste on the texture we think might be the one that fits, and then check it out in 3D view to see how it matches the surroundings. If it isn't the right match, back in you go to the texture browser, starting from the top of the texture browser again. This can be really time consuming, especially with large texture sets that have been created to provide more exact alignment potentials.

If this got into GZDoom Builder and not Doom Builder 2, it would certainly be the feature to finally have me make that editor switch.

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What do you think of SLADE 3's "quick texture" feature (default keybind: Ctrl-T while in 3D mode).

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