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Stuff that should be committed before new release

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raymoohawk said:

the current explosions are good no?

They're not terrible, but the nearest scaling is nasty and these by Eriance are better.

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Sodaholic said:

Liquid flats: Freedoom totally lacks consistency in liquid flats.

Was it really necessary to replace the red ones with a water texture recolour? The pattern on the water texture sort of suggests that the liquid is (semi-)transparent, while this one is not supposed to have translucency similar to water.

Personally I think the old version was fine, except it needed to fix a few wrongly coloured pixels, much like what robotdog1 did with the waterfall textures.



BTW, in either case, the lowest row of pixels in RP1_1 and RP1_2 is apparently too bright and contrasts too much with the flats.

I think the old nukage flats were fine as well.

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