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A Cheater's Story.....

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Cheaters only hurt themselves. Back in the day it ruined a Doom God. Ted Peterson (Merlock) was a very very very good player. However, he thought that it would be ok to use a Light-Hack and a NoRed-Hack. He didn't need to use these, he was a damn good player and one of my best friends. To make a long story short, he moved in with PolishMan in Dallas, pissed Polish off, got kicked out, and Polish told everyone. It ruined Merlock's rep badly. Then when Merlock couldn't show his face on IRC and he couldn't call anyone up for a game. No one wanted to play him..... Then he tried to use a new nick (even pretended he was a girl) so he could start playing again. Well another long story short, he told me, he pissed me off, and I told everyone. He was ruined forever after that.... a true Doom God ruined.... You can only hurt yourself by cheating... I think these cheaters better calm down before they get cought and ruin there reputation. It's not cool to see a Doom God go down in flames......

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yes, but Merlock beat him more. Thresh just became big because he drove to Dallas and won the tourny. Chunkk and NoS beat Thresh a lot. Thresh was far from the best.

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