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Doom - Thy wicked shorts.

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Aug 19 2015 09:53

Chapter I - The one strong Demon breed.

Once there lived a strong muscular demon breed in the alien hell dimension. This breed was
shaped in all areas and they where rock hard. Their size was awe inspiring, they where
gigantic. You could hear their motion from miles away.

Those loud sounds resembling the word Gonk where a wide spread rumor amongst demon kind.
The rumor about the Shaped, big, muscular giants ; "Gonk, Gonk, Gonk, Gonk."

Jealousy grew amongst many they encountered and plans where being made to sabotage their
conversion to the techno-demon kind.

Here the cyber demon was born, and his balls no longer clashed together but they where
unable to stop the sounds. Their breed was beyond all of this. They are epic.

Chapter II - Those inanimate departed

Depraved it roams the realms, the planets, the planes and fields. The grotesque death
of its skin and bones are clearly noticeable. A walking corpse... pure necromancy.

Its scream brings fear or excitement to those living or departing. Those whom are
departed do not feel. Those in death may walk again because it wants to protect.

Its meta existence is the product of sadism, its drive to bring back the dead...
a trauma. The fire it throws burns the gender and legs once used to bring power
to most thrusting motions.

It is a vile creature revived by pure spiritual hatred Set to protect hell its
dead from perverted necromancy, perverted necrofiles, and sex dungeons.

The dead will not remain silent. They will do it necro-style.

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it are just some short meta stories in terms of being a parrody on doomworld fiction while also being serious shorts intended to fake comedy. Its a weird concept, but in a way they make sense for doom and its personal setting.

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Good poetry or story (whatever it's classified).

I actually found it sort of a shame you turned it into comedy. I enjoyed guessing what Demon you spoke of within the first few lines, for example.

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Yeah i was beginning to doubt the humor myself. maybe i could redo them without the humor if i ever come to it. Glad somebody might have liked it.

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