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Sublevel Zero, a 6DoF Descent-like game with procedural generation

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Recently I learned about a game called Sublevel Zero, which is presented as something in the style of the original Descent and Descent II. The game is available from Steam and GOG.com.

I checked if a playable demo was available, and found out that Sublevel Zero was originally created for Ludum Dare as a Descent clone with procedurally generated random levels. The Ludum Dare entry page with download links is located here. After the initial release, the game received several updates, including Oculus Rift support.

The Sublevel Zero prototype features infinite procedurally generated levels, random bonuses that boost various stats of the player's ship and weapons, 7 enemy ships and 5 weapons. The core gameplay tries to closely follow the original Descent. Eventually the developers decided to turn the game into a commercial project, with the end result being quite different from the prototype. Here's a couple of videos for comparison:
Ludum Dare version
Commercial version

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that looks pretty damn fun. how does one alter a typical WASD control scheme for this? use X for going down? just get a joystick?

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Well in Descent, I use the numpad for pitch and yaw, with A and Z (QWERTY keyboard layout) then for forward and reverse. Then by holding alt I can slide up, down, left, and right. Rolling is either with 7 and 9 or Q and E (I forget which way I have it set up). Ctrl fires primary and Space fires my alternate. This seems better than Mouse + WASD for Descent, at least in my mind.

Anyway, this game looks awesome. It's like a roguelike Descent.

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