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Keen Dreams now on Steam

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This completely passed over unannounced since it was released last month and I didn't hear anything about it, but the "lost episode" of Commander Keen, Keen Dreams is now on Steam with a fancy new port optimised for Windows, complete with those fancy achievements you're dying to get.


Credit to Tom Hall for retweeting this since this is how I found it. Go and retweet it if you've got an account

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I'll get it when it's on GOG.

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SavageCorona said:

I highly doubt it's anything past a Windows compatible EXE.

It supports wide-screen resolutions too - it's all in the trailer.

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Well what do you want? Mega 3D additions and hyper-realistic textures add on? It also appears to be compatible with Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. I mean, I'm not sure what else there is to crave, other than "Free."

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>stretches the native 4:3 image to 16:9

"Widescreen support"

Otherwise, neat.

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