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My Sketch of The Doomguy (5 hours of work)

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I say I haven't seen something of this fine quality in a fort night. Yes, this is no work of a wee babe! No, Sarah the cottonsmith and Teddy the old blacksmithe haven't heard of such a serious note from narry a patron...Why, it reminds me of the work of a travelling merchant, selling finer wares from beyond the hills!

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FireFish said:

Looks great, but the gun is a bit crooked.

Thank you! And yeah, I know. I had an exceedingly difficult time on the gun, and in the end just decided that I would leave it as is.

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MrGlide said:

Looks Great! Will you darken the crevices and edges or leave it as is?

Thanks man. And I don't know. If I can find it, maybe.

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