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Can't build Chocolate-Doom on Windows

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I'm using Windows 8.1 x64. I followed these guidelines, using Cygwin 64 and installing the packages listed there. Just a difference: I chose Automake 1.15. It produces an "automake-1.15" executable, not "automake".

But when I try "sh build-chocolate-doom -git", I get an error that "gcc" is not installed. Indeed, it's not, despite having already installed the "mingw-gcc-core" and "mingw-w32api" packages during Cygwin setup. And when I try to install the actual "gcc-core" (or how it was called) package, the choco-doom build process tells me "Your compiler (gcc) does not produce Win32 executables!".

So what do you think I should do to compile under Windows? Preferably I'd just checkout the git repository and compile from there using the "configure" script, instead of downloading another copy of the source code, possibly without Git repository. Do I need some software not in that list?

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Sadly, it's a known problem. To build for Windows presently, it's easiest to either do it from Linux or use MSVC. (you should be able to get the dependency chain installed manually on Cygwin for MinGW builds, but it's a bit complicated)

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