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Whacked 4 BFG shoot string?

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Hello, I want to make a monster that shoots a BFG ball as proyectile, (currently replacing SS nazi), i'm 100% n00b at this dehacked/whacked thing and i don't know how to do it, in the frames section I changed the CPosAttack for FireBFG but it doesn't works.
It's even possible to do it? thanks.

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You must "sacrifice" one of standard monster's projectiles (Imp's or Caco's or Baron's or Arachnotron's or Revenant's) to redefine it as a BFG fireball (copy/paste its properties) in Thing table. Then make your custom monster fire this projectile via a respective codepointer (TroopAttack for Imp's fireball, etc.), and make the original monster (Imp) fire a different projectile than its default one.

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Oh, it's a hard decision, tried to sacrifice the Demon spawn cube and put the BrainSpit state as attack, but did not work.

Guess my map won't have revenants then.

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antares031 said:

Technically, Demon spawn cube is not a projectile attack like others. It just travels from spawn point to destination spot.

That explains a lot!

Anyways, I wanted to do some custom "Demolisher" via dehacked, but it seems that somebody already did it heh.
I'll try to make it anyways so I can learn how to use Whacked, thanks guys

(will be trying to make a CyberMastermind and a monster i have in mind).

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