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Another Birthday Map...

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Hi everyone, my birthday is coming up and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make me a birthday map, based on the download link resources below.

*****The below link contains all submitted maps.*****
Download Resource Link:

(Credit goes out to ECWolf, Spear Revisited Mod,
& Monolith Games.)

I made some maps in the Download that showcase kind of what I'm looking for...
(I am utterly terrible at mapping :P)

======== CONDITIONS ========

-maps must be ZDOOM compatible
-maps cannot (should not) be larger than 384 x 384 :)
-they can use vanilla textures or the textures provided in the textureX.
-have fun with this

Anyways, if anyone is up for making a map, it would be appreciated, thanks.

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My map: Stuffed Shelves

MAP01 slot, music = "Croc_-_Itsy_the_Ice_Demon.mid" from vgmusic.com.

You must run the wad together with your resource wad, and the resource wad must be loaded first. Like this:

zdoom -file 384challenge.wad 384s42.wad -warp 1

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Great thanks a lot guys! I just played through the set and it was really good.

this was a surprise :)

It's crazy but its exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.
The Resource Wad has been updated to include all submitted wads.

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